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PCTFE Barrier Films

HydroBlock® P-Series HS

Our industrial-grade polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) films offer unsurpassed moisture barrier capabilities compared to other traditional clear barrier films used in non-food and non-pharma applications.

Honeywell HydroBlock® Barrier Films outperform other mono-layer high-performance films. It’s a stand out product among other high-performance films in areas such as moisture barrier, clarity, chemical resistance, durability and extreme low-temperature performance. A thermoformable film for low to moderate draw. It can heat seal to itself by using proper tooling or equipment. It can be found in applications such seals, diaphragms and other formed parts requiring long-life in severe environments. Benefits • Clarity: HydroBlock is one of the clearest industrial-grade polymeric moisture barrier films available in the market. It’s the only homopolymer that combines traits of clarity with moisture protection and chemical and weather resistance. Applying HydroBlock to a variety of electroluminescent lamps and other humidity-sensitive thin film displays, can provide just the right protection for providing longer-life to colorful outdoor lighting. • Moisture Protection: For phosphor-based or electronic thin-film displays and other humidity-sensitive contents or substrates that require clear, durable and flexible moisture barrier packaging, HydroBlock is generally the best all-around option. Compared to materials such as FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), PCTFE offers superior moisture barrier properties that can be needed in industrial applications. • Chemical Resistance: HydroBlock is among the top choices in the market for films with extensive chemical resistance to protect lab equipment or other working surfaces from harmful chemicals. Full testing has been conducted in accordance with the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) 3-2010, to validate how tough HydroBlock is against harsh chemicals. The results are outstanding with the film meeting or exceeding all SEFA requirements. • Weather Resistance: Environmental conditions can seriously impact the durability of protective films used outdoors. These conditions include severe loss of clarity, increased haze and embrittlement. HydroBlock stands up to UV transmission without degrading the quality of the film. The moisture barrier, clarity and sub-zero temperature properties of the film can provide outstanding durability. • Processability: Many grades of HydroBlock films can be can be thermoformed or vacuum formed to meet your application needs for custom parts. They can also be treated to enhance bonding to most common adhesives. Honeywell’s Technical Sales Service team can help you determine the right film grade of HydroBlock for your application.