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Honeywell successfully defends its customers; ensures confidence in Spectra® portfolio.

Honeywell Advanced Materials, a global company focused on making the world safer, cleaner while enabling the modernization of a growing middle class, successfully defended its freedom to practice and reinforced its focus on ensuring customers can depend upon its materials.

After one of Honeywell’s competitors began asserting to the market that certain of Honeywell’s Spectra Shield® products infringed its patent, Honeywell quickly challenged the validity of the patent claims at the U.S. Patent Office.  During that proceeding, and based on Honeywell’s successful challenge and advocacy, the competitor requested that the U.S. Patent Office cancel the patent claims in question.

“At Honeywell Advanced Materials, the needs of our customers come first. We work to ensure that our customers have the highest confidence in our products, whether that comes to the quality of material or the freedom to use the products Honeywell sells,” said Kori Anderson, VPGM of Honeywell LPI. “When our competition began asserting to our customers that Honeywell’s material infringed one of its patents, we immediately acted to defend our right to practice and ensured that our customers can have confidence when they choose Honeywell Spectra. Our customers can have faith that we have done all the due diligence necessary to ensure a seamless customer experience and that we will aggressively defend our IP rights when challenged or when improper/inaccurate allegations are brought to distract our customers. We are pleased that these improperly-granted patent claims were cancelled.”

Our Spectra® fiber and ballistic composite materials – Spectra Shield®, Gold Shield® and Gold Flex® – have been trusted globally for decades. Pound-for-pound, our material is fifteen times stronger than steel, more durable than polyester, and has a specific strength that is 40 percent greater than aramid fiber.

Used when lightweight strength is critical, our materials can be found in bullet-resistant helmets, vests, plates and vehicles, in addition to industrial and recreational applications including rope and lifting slings, mooring lines, fishing line, sail cloth and security netting.

This decision is another validation that Honeywell offers our customers a superior customer experience. For more information on our innovative products, please contact us

Kori Anderson
Vice President and General Manager, Life Sciences Protection and Industrial Solutions (LPI)

Kori is the vice president and general manager of the Life Sciences Protection and Industrial Solutions (LPI) business within PMT Advanced Materials. Kori leads a global team responsible for driving key growth programs in Life Sciences, as well as building a strong foundation for the next generation armor and specialty additives businesses. 


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