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Honeywell’s Commitment to Customers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

During these tumultuous times, Honeywell is working hard to enable brand owners to protect against fakes; particularly for health-critical products like masks, medicines, test kits, and disinfectants.

Honeywell Authentication Technologies offers taggants and detectors for physical authentication as well as smartphone technology for digital authentication.

  • Physical authentication uses embedded luminescent Lumilux® pigments that are applied to the product/label via ink or are incorporated into the product itself. Laser / UV light is then used to give a visible color that indicates authenticity. Machine-readable materials and detectors are used to enhance protection.
  • Digital authentication involves producing uncopiable packaging and labeling without consumables and without design change. Smartphones are used to quickly validate authenticity. All stakeholders benefit: the user can validate, and the Brand Owner gains market intelligence about counterfeit or grey market activity.

These technologies allow the Brand Owner and the User to ensure that health-critical products are authentic; protecting health and brand.

Contact us and an Authentication Technologies representative will respond to you as soon as possible.