Honeywell Jetflux Technology Enables Improved Hybrid Solar Panel Efficiency

Tyll Solar produces lighter, more energy-efficient PV-Ts by applying Honeywell manufacturing process know-how

When Tyll Solar, a US-based R&D company, wanted innovative solar modules to improve the efficiency of its hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collectors (PV-T), it enlisted support from Honeywell.

Reflecting 25 years’ experience providing solutions to the aluminum brazing industry, Honeywell suggested applying its jetflux printing technology to the production of the large, 1m x 2m channel cooling plates installed in a single piece behind its 350W solar photovoltaic modules. This enabled Tyll Solar to increase the power efficiency and solar collection capabilities of the panels.

Download the full case study. In this informative case study, you’ll:

  • Understand Honeywell’s jet printing technology for controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum
  • Learn how Honeywell’s jetflux technology prevents hard sediments from forming in process equipment
  • Understand new applications possible using Honeywell’s jetflux technology 

Download Case Study

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