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Our ballistic composite materials meet military standards to deliver comprehensive protection in body armor, tactical helmets and vehicle armor. Our innovative designs drive weight reductions in armor systems, enabling military personnel to be more effective in extreme situations. We design all our products with improved survivability, and mission completion is at the top of our list of requirements. 

We offer in-house design support with full-scale prototype manufacturing and testing facilities to our customers. Our industry-leading ballistic applications lab delivers:

  • Vest and helmet starting point design guidance
  • Prototype helmet manufacturing
  • End-article testing (ballistic and non-ballistic)
  • Materials processing improvements

Talk to a Technical Support Expert to start your next design

Soft and hard BODY ARMOR applications include:

  • Concealable and tactical vests
  • Protective outer garments (POGs)
  • Protective under garments (PUGs)

Lightweight, high-strength materials offer:

  • Pistol and rifle threat protection
  • Fragmentation protection
  • Backface reduction
  • Improved survivability for mission completion

Soft and hard HELMET & FACE PROTECTION applications include:

  • Advanced combat helmets
  • Tactical combat helmets
  • Mandibles
  • Neck protection
  • Side (face) protection

Spectra® ballistic composite materials  deliver performance and structural integrity:

  • Bullet and Rifle protection
  • Fragmentation protection
  • Dent protection against falling debris
  • Impact protection
  • Backface reduction

Military VEHICLE ARMOR  applications include:

  • Fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft armor
  • Light tactical vehicle and large ground vehicle armor
  • Fast boat and littoral combat ship armor

Spectra Shield® ballistic composite materials are:

  • Designed for mission completion and improved survivability
  • Lightweight for increased travel time, distance, maneuverability, and load transport
  • Strong to withstand a wide range of threats

Spectra® Ballistic Materials for High-Performance Body Armor | brochure
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Spectra® Ballistic Materials Technologies for Helmets | brochure
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