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PMP Films

PMP Film (Polymethylpentene) R Series TR

PMP films have different properties and applications from HydroBlock films. Its low surface energy, relatively high working temperatures, high gas transmission rate and low density contribute to a variety of specially applications for these films.

PMP film is the right choice when the packaging application requires a clear and breathable film which can be autoclaved or steam-sterilized or as an alternative to spray applied release agents for a composite thermoset application. Instead of the migratory sprays or waxes, PMP film will conform to almost any mold shape and leave no contaminating residues. This film is available in clear, blue and red shades (tinted versions for easy shop identification.) Benefits • Temperature: PMP film can generally be used in composites lamination autoclave cycles that typically cure at temperatures up to 377°F (190°C). • Dimensional Stability/Working Properties: PMP is a relatively soft and low modulus film, easily conforming to molds and contoured shapes. • Gas Transmission Rate: PMP film is a highly-breathable film. It’s an excellent option for applications that require oxygen or other gas permeability. • Customized Formats: Honeywell can provide PMP film at up to 80” wide in thicknesses commonly requested by the composites and packaging industries. PMP is available in clear and tinted versions.