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Phosphates are used for a variety of applications. In the lab, they are often used in buffers to control the pH of solutions. In industry, they are used in detergents for softening water, and as an efficient anti-rust solution.

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assay min. 103%

Lithium phosphate hemihydrate (13024)

puriss. special, meets analytical specification of DAB, ≥98%

Magnesium phosphate dibasic trihydrate (04260)

assay min. 98%

Sodium phosphite dibasic pentahydrate (04283)

analytical reagent, assay min. 99%

tetra-Sodium diphosphate decahydrate (30411)

extra pure, assay min. 95%

tri-Potassium phosphate trihydrate (04249)

extra pure, assay min. 94%

tri-Sodium phosphate dodecahydrate (04278)

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