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Construction workers putting shingles on the roof of a house.
Construction workers putting shingles on the roof of a house.

Save Time and Money

Honeywell Titan™ asphalt additives improve the processability of asphalt, saving energy and time. They can also eliminate the need for anti-strip additives.


Reduce Costs

Adding only 1-3% of Honeywell Titan™ asphalt additives saves formulators, mix producers and pavers time and money:

Use Less Polymer

  • Highly efficient additives for asphalt
  • Potential to use less polymer additive to achieve the same grade bump, saving raw material costs
  • Retain low viscosity and realize savings in production and shipping costs

Save on Energy Costs

  • Use less energy during asphalt production and paving processes
  • Blend, mix and pave at lower temperatures than asphalt modified with conventional asphalt polymers
  • Eliminates the need for high shear, or high energy, mills and high-temperature mixing

Disperse Polymer Faster

  • Typically disperses in the asphalt within 60 minutes, faster than traditional asphalt polymers

Reduce Roller Passes

  • Compacts more easily than SBS-modified asphalt
  • Results in fewer roller passes, reducing time and fuel costs

Eliminate Your Anti-Strip Additive

  • Improves moisture resistance
  • May eliminate need for anti-stripping additives
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