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Honeywell engineering drives our customers’ hard and soft armor and advanced personal protection systems constructed with Spectra® fiber. We work with our customers to maximize the strength of advanced armor products while maintaining the lightweight ballistic and stab protection properties critical to those reporting for duty.

Our ballistic composite materials are used in a variety of armor applications for police and law enforcement and military and VIPs, including:

  • Tactical vests
  • Concealed vests
  • Breast plates
  • Protective outer garments (POGs)
  • Protective under garments (PUGs)
  • Hand shields and bomb blankets

Our materials deliver superior performance for threat protection:

  • Handgun and rifle protection
  • Fragmentation protection
  • Multi-threat protection (blade and spike)
  • Backface reduction


  • Light weight
  • Multi-hit protection
  • Comfort and flexibility
  • Improved survivability for mission completion

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Ballistic Composite Materials

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Spectra® Ballistic Materials for High-Performance Body Armor | brochure
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Spectra® Fiber Protective Armor Materials | brochure
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Honeywell Gold Shield® MT | datasheet
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